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People and Technology

It is hard to exaggerate an impact of technologies on our lives. Technologies are everywhere!

In the morning we wake up from the alarm clock ringing. Then we go to the kitchen to make breakfast. We use coffee machine to make a coffee and microwave to heat up breakfast. We use cars to get to work and listen to a radio on the way. In the office we receive information by phone or fax, we use computers to work on and internet to receive necessary information. In the office we buy snacks and water from vending machines. Our leisure is full of technological involvement too. Families tend to spend more time indoor during weekends watching TV or playing Wii.

The development made lives of millions of housewives easier, they don’t need to make bonfires to cook anymore. There are slow cookers where you can put meat and vegetables, push a necessary button and forget about it and do what you like for a couple hours. A signal will tell you when the food is ready. There are tons of other helpful appliances that shorten time for cooking and cleaning in several times: blenders, shakers, dishwashing machines, etc.

Chores are easier and faster too! A washing machine along with dryer make clothing ready to be put on right away, a vacuum cleaner does miracles to your house.

The benefits of using technologies are also clearly seen in business. Cell phones make it possible to connect with partners and clients all over the world, Skype and web cameras allow to hold meetings with colleagues from abroad without leaving the office. Invention of robots helps performing monotonous and precise jobs that need to exclude human factor. Modern machines construct huge building and create hi-tech devices.

People and technology are tightly connected and whether it is good or bad is for everyone to decide.

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